“I want everyone to know LoL” Interview of Mr. Matsumoto!

2018年10月14日 · kansai-esports


関西でLeague of Legends(以下、LoL)のオフラインイベントを運営している大学生の松本さんを取材してきました!




Hello everyone!

I have interviewed Matsumoto, a college student who often organizes offline events of League of Legends (LoL) in Kansai!

Here is the exclusive interview about his first LoL event and his thoughts about it.

Interviewer: “Yukuno”

Translation: “Alex”

写真:大阪電気通信大学 3回生 松本丈一郎 Twitter「@DfRvd5_fnc

Photo: Osaka Electro-Communication University 3rd-grader Mr. Koichiro Matsumoto  Twitter[@DfRvd5_fnc]



·Thank you for being with me today.

Matsumoto: Thank you too.


松本:大阪電気通信大学のデジタルゲーム学科に通っており、今は3回生です。Play And Create(※1)や大阪電気通信大学esportsサークル(※2)に入っており、学内外でLoLを楽しんだり、イベントを開いたりしています。

· First of all, could you please introduce yourself ?

Matsumoto: I attend the Department of Digital Game at Osaka Electro-Communication University and now I am in 3rd grade. I’m also a member of Play And Create (* 1) and Osaka Electro-Communication University esports Club (* 2).
I enjoy playing LoL outside the campus and I’m trying to organize different events.



· Please tell me your first encounter with LoL.

Matsumoto: The first time I played LoL was the year I entered college, in June.
In the classroom, there were some people playing games, I was watching it from behind and was very curious about it, it looked very interesting. The person who was playing was a foreigner but I could hear the name of the game.
I downloaded immediately and tried it.


松本:初めてやったときはMac bookでやったので、「このゲームはマウスがないと無理だな」って思ったことを鮮明に覚えています。それでも、トラックパッドでやっていたのですが、とても難しかったです。またチャンピオンがとても多く、覚えるのに数ヶ月かかりそうだなって思いましたね。

· How was LoL when you first tried ?

First time I played, it was on a MacBook and I clearly remember that I thought “this game will be difficult without a mouse !”
I still tried anyway with the trackpad.
I was also thinking that it would take me several months to memorize all the champions.



·The fact that there is more than 100 champions you have to memorize may discourage new players.
You didn’t feel that way ?

I never thought about that.
I became addicted very fast. I invited two of my friends to play LoL with me and when I got home I was playing everyday.



·Yeah, it’s nice to invite people who never played the game before to play with you.
Could you believe your friends would become addicted too ?

Matsumoto: Yes, I was sure they would.



·It’s very nice ! Let’s change a little bit of topic. You are also organizing LoL events. Can you tell us more about it ?

Matsumoto: There was not many people playing the game around me so I thought I should make events by myself to increase the number of players


First offline event



· Please tell me about your first event.

Matsumoto: The first event was held online. Although it seems that participants enjoyed it, I got a good response, but I had many problems on the management side and I was worried. There are still many problems now ….



· What kind of problems did you have?

Matsumoto: We had problems like lack of staff, problem of lag, problem of time schedule also problem of rules.


松本:本来は5人1チームなのですが、5人チームだと人が集まらないのはわかっていたので、2人1チームで開催しました。botレーンのみ使用可能で、2kill or 100cs or 1タワー獲得で勝利というルールでした。本番では、ブルーサイド側に有利な場所を使用可能にしてしまっていました。

· What rule did you do for the first event?

Matsumoto: Originally, we wanted to have teams of 5 people but we knew it would be difficult to gather those kind of teams so we decided to have teams of 2.
You could use only the botlane, the rules were the first team to get 2kills or 100cs or 1 tower down.
We also allowed players to use the jungle of the blue side.


It seems that the number of participant is constantly increasing.


I see. After your online events, what made you think about organizing offline ones ?

Mr. Matsumoto: Some of my friends asked me to do it and also the fact that OCA (*3) came out was great.
I think that it is wonderful to have an environment where people can gather so I would like Kansai to have more venues.


· What is your future project?
Matsumoto: I would like to organize bigger event.
For now all the staff, including myself are volunteers so I don’t know how far we can go but I’ll do my best.


· What do you want to change in the future?
Matsumoto: During a small event, all the expenses such as transports fees, posters, etc are self-paid so I would like to earn some income to be able to pay that.


· What do you think about the Kansai esports community ?

Matsumoto: I think there are many different kind of people but I don’t know much about them. I would like to cooperate with various person and organizations but I think it’s still difficult now in the current situation.
That’s why I expect a lot from Kansai eSports !


松本:Good luck have fun!

· A last word to everyone who read this

Matsumoto: “Good luck have fun!”


今の時期はLoL World Championship 2018を見て毎日盛り上がっている。

He usually watches LoL with his friends at the university.

These days he enjoys a lot watching LoL World Championship 2018 everyday !

※1 Play And Create

※2 Osaka Electro-Communication University esports Club

※3 OCA