Self introduction of core members

2018年10月9日 · kansai-esports


第2回目となる今回は、Kansai esportsの運営やesports berでイベントを開催する主要メンバーの紹介をします!

Hello! I’m Yukuno!

For the second post, let me introduce you the main members of the the Kansai eSports events and esports bar team.


まずはこのKansai esportsを立ち上げようと最初に立ち上がった男、アレックスの紹介です!

On the picture, from the left: Yukuno, Alex and Moro

Here are the self-introduction of the 3 members starting by Alex, the proponent of the project:

I’m Alex, I’m french and I live in Osaka since 2012.

I run a bar in Shinsaibashi, amemura called Meat n’ Bones. We are sometimes running some esports events at that bar and we plan to turn it into an eSports dedicated place !

I discovered the world of eSports when I was university student in France. My friends and I used to meet a my place to watch some « Warcraft 3 » or « Starcraft » games while having some beers.

What I like about eSports is that it has no border. We all speak the same language when we play games together !

Gamers of Kansai, our time has come ! Let’s gather and create a new world… our own world !


フランスにいた頃、私が大学生のときにe-Sportsという世界を知りました。友達と家でビールを片手に「Warcraft 3」や「Starcraft」をよく見ていました。



関西でGAME collectorをしながら、eSports業界を盛り上げるべく活動しております。


I’m Moro.
I’m a video game collector and currently working on making the new eSports industry exciting.

I think that the GAME industry growing up as a SPORT rather that just AMUSEMENT is a place where young generation, which is able to instantly absorb the information by seeing it, can shine.

I’m willing to participate into spreading this new project starting from Japan, a country which is known for giving the world many games that makes it an enthusiastic place !


I’m Yukuno. Since I was a child, I’m really into online battle games. I started my career as a member of a team in MGO. Esports is a world without discrimination. Men, women, children, elderly, physically challenged… anyone can become an eSports champion !
I will continue to enjoy and spread the wonderful digital world with all of you !

3人の紹介は今日はここまでです。アレックスさんはesports berのオーナー、モロさんはコミュニティリーダーでありイベンター、そして私ユクノは元選手で今はesportsチームPNGのオーナーやイベンターをやっています。



So here it is for the introduction of the 3 members: Alex, the owner of the future eSports bar, Moro, the community manager and event organizer and myself, Yukuno, former athlete, owner of the eSports team PNG and even organizer.

From next time, I will write articles in the Kansai area by interviewing events and communities etc!
From next time, I’ll write articles about eSports in the Kansai area with interviews, of the community, informations of events etc…

I’m looking forward to the next time.

 また、10月19日に第2回目のesports meet_upを開催します!詳細はこちらから→ https://www.facebook.com/events/2215338758741082/?ti=ia

  Also we will hold the second esports meet_up on October 19! Click here for details → https://www.facebook.com/events/2215338758741082/?ti=ia